The 24 hours I had to spend at Indira Gandhi international airport did not make me forget such an amazing summer I had in India. Interning at Aravind was certainly a big highlight of my life, and it was one of the greatest growth opportunities I have received from Penn, so far. That being said, […]

I can’t believe it’s come to an end. 10 weeks felt like 4 weeks. My feeling right now is a mixture of anxiety that I may not finish my project and of pride to have done something meaningful in life. The irony is that the more I approach the end, the better I understand what […]

Interning at Aravind has been an honor for me, and it is such an inspirational place. However, my experience is not only about being inspired. It is also about helping Aravind accomplish its mission: “to eliminate needless blindness” through completing my assignment as a project student. When I started my internship nine weeks ago, I […]

It all started at 6:30 AM on a Sunday. A group of sisters, a doctor, and I were ready to board one of the Aravind buses headed to Rajapalayam, a two-hour ride away. As much I would have liked the trip to be a little vacation, it was instead a work trip to Aravind’s eye […]

Today, I woke up late enough to miss breakfast. Then, thanks to either the pressure of an empty stomach or the good 9-hour sleep I had last night, I started reflecting on what being an intern entails. I quickly realized that words such as intern, internal, inward, inside, in, …seem to be connected. And that […]

I came to remember the bite of a mosquito again after a long separation, or more realistically after one year. This whole idea of me going abroad while being abroad already sounded hugely novel, I guess. More correctly, I would say that I am abroad to the second power (Abroad2 as in x2). Adding more […]