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It’s been over a year since I did my internship in Aravind and once again I find myself interning in another organization that is working to eliminate needless blindness—SalaUno. SalaUno is an eye clinic in Mexico City that follows the Aravind model for reaching out to those in need of eye…

Hey everyone! Looking back on an amazing summer, I decided to compile a list of the most important lessons that I can take away from my summer. Smile Aravind strives really hard to put hospitality back in hospital. Despite the hospital being overcrowded and cramped, the whole atmosphere is lively and cheerful. The sisters are […]

I’m aware that up in the north it’s been raining like crazy. Here in Madurai though, the blistering heat is a regular occurrence. In the past two months that I have been here, it has probably rained only once or twice… and those were just quick downpours. So to break the monotony and escape the […]

Hey everyone!   Here’s part 2 of my Inspiring Stories from Inspiration Guest House segment!   One of the first thing you notice when you walk inside the Out Patient Block of Aravind Eye Hospital is how incredibly crowded it is. You might even ask yourself “Is this a hospital or a marketplace?” One of […]

It’s just recently that I came to realize how cleverly named the guest houses in Aravind are. The postgraduate guest house, where resident doctors hone their skills in the art of Aravind, is named Aspiration. The other guest house, Harmony, is usually where more distinguished professors and high profile guests stay.  The international guest house […]

Excuse my Kendrick Lamar reference but I just couldn’t help it… This post is titled after Kendrick Lamar’s hip hop album because Diana and I ordered Domino’s Pizza for lunch yesterday. (Domino’s is mentioned multiple times throughout the album) Here’s the tasty evidence: After three weeks in Madurai, we finally succumbed to the temptation that […]

Hey! It’s been a roller coaster of a first two weeks here in India. As I mentioned in my last blog post, I spent a few days in Delhi first before flying out to Madurai. I visited Delhi a few years back when I represented my high school at a community development and leadership summit […]

Whaddup! I’m Gaby Borja and I’m going to be working at Aravind Eye Care Systems in Madurai this summer! I’m currently a rising sophomore in the College but I am in the process of transferring into the Engineering School to major in Bioengineering. I was born in Manila, Philippines and I spent my whole life […]