After weeks of interviews of physicians, hospital administrators, pharmaceutical company employees, and even a reporter and a “whistleblower” of pharmaceutical practices, I have learned a lot during my time in India. What I gained from this summer – in addition to data I can use for continuing research – was a lot of general insight […]

Last blog post, I wrote about visiting the Gujarat Food and Drug Administration and learning about their integrated IT system to track medication quality. While this is a very clear step forward (and it shows as the percentage of low-quality medication in Gujarat has dropped by a factor of 3 since its initiation), there is […]

As part of my research on the Indian pharmaceutical market, I’ve been trying to interview a full mix of stakeholders: companies, physicians, hospital administrators, pharmacists, patients, etc. However, I was especially looking forward to speaking with government regulators, and last week I was able to do just that, spending two days at the offices of […]

Greetings from Mohali! I have been at the Mohali campus of the Indian School of Business this week, meeting the faculty and researchers here and getting a start on my summer research.  I head to Bangalore tomorrow to begin interviews for my project on pharmaceutical quality, but have really enjoyed my time here in the […]

Hello all! My name is Emma Boswell and I am a first-year PhD student in the Health Care Management and Economics department at Wharton. I am writing this first post from the train to New York en route to New Delhi, India! I went to India a few years ago and loved it – I […]