Hi, hey, hello…it’s me! It’s been six (!!!) months since I arrived and have been working in India. In the past six months, I’ve created adventures from chance encounters. I’ve met incredible new people, I’ve gotten to know them, swapped stories, made memories. I experienced molding new friendships with many who came and went in […]

  “I’ve been waiting 20 years for this to happen.” You could hear the sincerity in Nive didi’s voice. The crickets were singing their evening songs, the frogs croaking loudly in the distance, as time inched closer and closer to ten o’clock in the cluttered little second-floor office at the Jatashankar campus. Holding back tears, […]

I feel my fingers grapple and twist on the metal bar behind me, my wringing, white knuckles grasping for support and balance. The creases in my small, enclosed palms create little deep valleys and ridges of skin, beginning to fill and capture sweat as I continue to squeeze, holding tight on the back seat of […]

India is a full-fledged blitzkrieg on the senses, in the most wonderful way possible. From the colorful garments we so proudly bargained for in the buzzing Janpath Market in Delhi, that bled beautiful red and blue swirls of color in the wash bucket; to the undeniable pungent stink of the Indore train station, in which […]

Hello everyone!!!  Terribly sorry I’m running a bit late on my Introductory blog post- it’s been such a rush to pack everything up, move out, and return home to Houston for a few days (because every moment with family counts!), so here it goes. ———————————— My name is Dani Castillo, and as strange as it […]