I stand on the train platform outside of the baggage pickup area and it is QUIET. There are 3 other people on the platform, even though it is only 8:30pm. The train pulls up and people migrate on and off in an incredibly ordered fashion. The other people on the platform are at my elbows […]

Top 10 things I like about living in Rural India 1. Chai and the 5:00pm chai break. I join all of the men working on campus in front of the campus manager’s office. We sit around on the brick steps, or under the porches if it is raining, and sip roasting hot chai and read […]

“He says his buffalo is four teats old” reports Siddhant with a completely straight face. Teats. Like the things that milk comes out of. The openings of udders. There are many livestock management practices here in the Ghat-Nechee area that I am unfamiliar with, but aging an animal based on the number of teats she […]

A few weeks ago I started to write a blog post about “Indian Standard Time.” (True to form, the post never finished and at this point it does not make much sense to revive it) As one who is perpetually late, I am a fan of Indian Standard Time. A few minutes late, or half […]

The fever has spread. Spain vs. Netherlands. Brazil vs. Mexico. Even though the Indian national team is apparently ranked 150 in the world and not even in the world cup, here at SPS Neemkedha Village people stay up to all hours of the morning to watch overtime games on the one television on the entire […]

***Dear CASI blog followers, I apologize for the extra posts! Another aspect of life here in Madhya Pradesh: the internet is not so great, which has made me resort to e-mailing my blog posts to people with better internet to be published! That last post was not intended for the CASI blog but for a […]