How was India?  This is a question that I heard countless times from friends and family after returning from my internship. Coming back from a place that was a whirlwind of chaos, it is a question equivalent of asking how is life? Trying to describe the experience in a paragraph is an impossible task let […]

Mutton Karori rolls at Khan Chacha, macaroons at L’Opéra, and a cappuccino at Attitudes. With only a few meals left in India, I tried to revisit some of my favorite restaurants and cafes in Delhi. Food has always been a major part of my travelling experience and it forms an essential part of my memory […]

From the woman selling jasmine flowers to the man making sugar cane juice to the young boy polishing shoes, everywhere I look there is somebody selling something. India is nation of entrepreneurs with small businesses filling the streets. Even though they may not know the correct terminologies or how to write a business plan, many […]

It gleamed like a white lotus by the riverside, its white marble glistening in stark contrast with the grey sky above. The Taj Mahal was even more beautiful than I expected, no wonder it had captured the hearts and imaginations of centuries of artists, poets, writers, and rulers. The countless paintings, poems, and essays have […]

Never underestimate the potential of a child. Today was the last day of Propeller, a month-long summer program that teaches high school students leadership, teamwork, career awareness, professionalism, and communication. I am amazed by each and every one of the students. I still remember the first day of the program. We played an icebreaker game […]

Human skin is instantly destroyed at 72°C. The “Timiti” or fire-walking ceremony is a Hindu festival originating in South India in honour of Draupati Amman. Devotees carry milk pots on their head as they walk across a fire pit filled with red hot coals.  It is said that true devotees to Draupati will walk out […]

As I step out of the subway I am hit by the cacophony of noises. From the tuk-tuk of the auto-rickshaws to the endless honking of horns to the hawking of a street vendor selling masala spices to the chanting of the worshippers at the temple the entire street was alive. Even though the sounds […]

Vaccines. Sandals. Sunglasses. Laptop. Camera. Books. As the items pile up in my suitcase so does my excitement. India began as a distant image, a place somewhere on the map (somewhere under China). I vaguely had heard about elephants, curry, and very hot weather (and food poisoning) in this exotic country but did not know much […]