She has no name. She’s a stray. Just like thousands of other dogs roaming the scorching streets of India. So what? Weeks ago when we arrived to Yamuna Nagar, my fellow interns and I found a batch of newborn puppies in the exterior gardens of the college complex where we stay. These cute little puppies […]

Yesterday was the third Saturday of Propeller; a one month long Summer program for students in 11th and 12th grade equivalents. Ensuring the success of this program has been our top priority since we started working for Leap. Propellor’s objective is to motivate high school students to take well-informed decisions about their career path. Additionally, […]

It’s extremely hot! I remember a couple months ago looking into the predicted temperatures for Delhi at this time of year, but clearly I did not internalize what the high temperatures would actually mean. In practice, the heat makes it suffocating to stand anywhere where there is no air conditioning. The classrooms only have fans so […]

It has been six days since I arrived in Delhi, and three since I started my internship at LEAP. After what was the scariest flight of my life I was received in the airport by a friendly driver with whom I communicated with a mix of broken english and sign language as he tried to dodge […]

OK! Second try! I apologize for my poor WordPress skillz. Hola! My name is Sofía and I am a Chilena, rising senior, studying one of the acronym majors: PPE (Politics, Philosophy and Economics). It is indeed as interesting as it sounds! I’m also pursing a minor in Psychology which means I get to take the […]