It is difficult to think about summers in India when the blistery cold of east coast winter sets in! Around November, I start to feel a bit disconnected from my work and get caught up in looking at a calendar instead of people. But the number one reason I love my job is because I get to work with […]

It takes me approximately two minutes to get ready in the morning 00:00-00:30 – “what is clean and matching?” [flurry of options thrown on my bed] 00:30-00:40 – “can I get away without ironing?” [exchange top and bottom pieces until I can] 00:40-01:00 – “did I wear the same thing last week to a meeting with the same […]

After three movies, some concentrated reading, and a few hours of stolen sleep – I’m confident I understand what it feels like to be a sleep deprived Penn undergrad again! While I’m far too old to pull all nighters I somehow always manage to make this one work. India here I come! From 35,000 feet […]

Happy International Women’s Day! It is only fitting to spend today in India with a team of women who know how to get things done! I’ve been at Aravind Eye Care System in Madurai for the past few days and it has been a whirlwind of visiting the hospitals, meeting with Aravind staff, and attending […]

CASI 2014 Internship and Travel Fund Winners We are delighted to announce the 2014 CASI Student Programs Interns and Travel Funds for Research Winners! The 2014 internship class includes fifteen undergraduates studying in three of Penn’s undergraduate schools, the College of Arts and Sciences, School of Engineering, and the Wharton School, and one graduate student from […]

There’s life before you went to India, and life after you return. I can never forget how my eyes widened while I walked beside the supersize items at Costco. Freshly returned from my first two years in India, I just couldn’t imagine storing so much soap at home! I was perplexed how strangers could sit […]