“A man travels the world in search of what he needs and returns home to find it.”   ~George A. Moore Only after returning home have I fully realized the unique opportunity provided me by Aravind. By coming to the quiet comfort of this desk, safe from my adventure am I able to appreciate what I […]

There is none other like Aravind. It’s a massive institution for eye care. Every day it treats hundreds of people who can’t afford treatment. Every year it grants the right to sight to countless grateful souls. What powers it? What feeds this massive machine? Look to an image Dr. Venkataswamy, or Dr. V., a smiling […]

With only a few weeks remaining before my return home, I’m forced to think of what I love, and will miss about India. The food is amazing with spices and breads of all styles. Aravind is an eye-opening new image of healthcare. But these both pale in comparison of the adventures India offers me. With […]

Ask anyone at one of India’s Aravind Eye Hospitals and they’ll tell you that their system for eye care doesn’t start at their well-equipped tertiary hospitals. Yes, these exemplars of clinical and operational precision may support the finest ophthalmologists with the greatest efficiency. However, the entire organization is for naught if it can’t receive any […]

“Go with the flow.” That was the advice I was given prior to shipping myself halfway around the world to the Aravind Eye Hospital in Madurai, India. My first question at Aravind was “Where is the flow?” The hospital was like a river basin where all of the “flow” made its way to settle in […]

Why am I in India? For the adventure of course! My name is Matthew Andersen. I’m inquisitive, spontaneous and I have a lot of goals for the summer, but I wouldn’t call myself a thrill seeker. So if not for the thrill, why India? I saw it as an opportunity to maximize my academic and […]