My entire life I have been afraid to go to India. I grew up in a predominately white upper middle class town, and spent most of my childhood trying to avoid any mention of my heritage. I prayed that that my grandfather would stay in the car when he picked me up from school so […]

Shahi Exports Private Limited Unit 7 has chai breaks twice a day. The first break starts promptly at 10:45am, and ends at 11:30am. The afternoon chai break begins at 3:45pm and ends at 4:30pm. In each of these time periods, the company’s staff workers head to the outdoor roof where 3 silver tins full of […]

The pursuit of justice seems to mark my every moment at Penn. I study PPE with a concentration in distributive justice, and take courses that examine the political history, current tensions, and philosophy of global and national liberation movements. I am on the board of the Penn Association for Gender Equity, volunteer for the American […]

“Mango, mango, mango…” repeated in a loop in my head as the plane announced our arrival in Delhi. Growing up, mango was one of my favorite treats, and I eagerly waited for mango season to bite into the sweet golden fruit. Thus, my first, super important, top-priority mission in India was to eat a mango. […]

Hi! My name is Amanpreet Singh, and I am rising junior at the University of Pennsylvania from Pelham, NY (which is a town in the suburbs of New York City). At Penn, I major in PPE, which stands for Philosophy, Politics, and Economics, and minor in English. I am really looking forward to interning with […]