Each country is unique in its culture and customs, and obviously India is no exception. When I started working at Shahi, I noticed that there were certain things about office life in India that differed from that in America. One of the main things being the daily ritual of drinking chai mid-morning and midafternoon. Chai […]

One of the most valuable things that has come from this internship has been the opportunity to meet new people. One of my favorite weekends in India will always be the weekend I went to Hampi. Hampi is an area near Bangalore famous for its ancient ruins. This was to be my first time traveling […]

Learning to travel abroad is a process. There are lots of different experiences that teach you how to hold your own in a new country. However, getting to that point is impossible without the kindness of strangers willing to lend a helping hand in needful times. An experience that comes to mind is when I […]

Last week I went to see the movie Gentleman with my co-interns Meghana and Mallory. All in all the movie was great, but what I noticed were the antismoking videos that were shown before the movie and during the interval in between part one and two of the movie. It was a straightforward video. A father […]

Recently, my co-interns and I decided to head up to Pondicherry for the weekend. During my time there I saw a community in the process of sorting out the complexities of postcolonial existence and determining its own cultural identity. My father emigrated from Guatemala so that I could be raised in the states. Despite being […]

Hi! My name is Alexi Chacon, and I’m about to embark on adventure in India this summer. This will be the farthest away that I have ever been from home and I can’t wait to see what unexpected and new experiences are in store for me. I’m a rising sophomore in the College of Arts […]