Friday was my last day of work and I leave soon back to the US, so it is time to reflect on where I was just a few months ago and on what the next steps will be. At the time of my CASI application for the summer travel research grant, I had access to […]

Garments begin with a mythical “inspiration,” usually image-driven. Here at the garment manufacturer, designers most often acknowledge the big 4 runway presentations (Paris, New York, Milan, and London) as the height of inspiration and the beginning of their own parts in the production of fashion. American and European designers look to the same shows and […]

6 days a week, I wake up at 8:30. For breakfast: muesli, pomegranate/mango/banana, walnuts, curd. I am the third one to stir in the house, after a pair of kittens. (They love to try to jump up on the table to steal curd when they think I’m not looking, but I’ve caught onto their game!) […]

I start my internship at a Delhi garment factory on Monday. With the start of work so close, I have time to recount one last episode of travel throes and excitements. They begin on the way to the Valley of the Flowers, a valley amongst the foothills of the Himalayas. I knew it would be […]

Welcome to CASI readers and other viewers. Here’s some information about my project and me: Name: Alex Hometown: Madison, WI Penn school: Arts and Sciences Department: Sociology Research site: a garment manufacturer in Delhi, pseudonym tbd Research question: How do fashion buyers negotiate and determine which garments and fashions will be produced? Traveling so far: […]