Every now and then you get lucky enough to stumble upon a book that doesn’t just change your perspective, but gives you a new foundation to base your perceptions on. Before I had come to India this summer I was acutely aware that having lived abroad my whole life, I was sentimentally attached to India […]

I continue to be shocked with how little I know about the realities of India, the country I display fierce patriotism to every time its integrity is brought up – is a very different place to what I had imagined. In a good way. This week at DICCI, with the launch of the SME VC […]

Dear Pune, I’m really sorry that I haven’t been able to make much time for you these past few days, you see work has really picked up and that means there has been no time to go out , see you sights, meet your people as much . I promise I’ll be better at it […]

Hello again everyone, Just wrapping up another fantastic week at DICCI and what a week it has been! DICCI is doing some fantastic and incredibly high level policy work in the field of Schedule Caste (Dalits) in India. This is a caste that has historically been surpressed in nearly every field – socially, educationally, and […]

Hello Hello This is my first time I’ve blogged and I realized that I actually quite enjoy it – it’s a fun way to document a journey as it happens! Currently sitting in the domestic terminal in Mumbai Airport having just got off a decently long flight from Bahrain, thankfully no delays enroute – fingers […]

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening everyone! I figured by this point a large number of people reading this blog post would be in different time zones, so I decided to cover the appropriate greeting for the entire day. Being the first intern of the CASI class of 2013 to be leaving for India it seemed only fitting that […]