I am not a particularly outgoing or adventurous person by nature. I like to think through all possible outcomes before I make a decision. And although this way of thinking keeps me safe and my actions responsible, it also limits my possibilities. Coming to India alone for 10 weeks was my first big gamble. I […]

Doctors are gods. That is the sentiment that I have been overwhelmed with since I got here. Whenever an important doctor walks into a room, all the MLOPs and administrative personnel stand up out of respect. Patients look up to and defer to doctors to the point of not even being involved in their own […]

I have been at Aravind Eye Hospital in Madurai, India for over six weeks now, and our projects have really begun to take shape and approach completion. I can’t say it was an easy start though. I am used to relying on myself to complete tasks or run experiments, but after working here for a […]

Hi everyone! My name is Aditi Ahuja and I am a rising junior from New York majoring in biology and minoring in chemistry at the University of Pennsylvania. I just flew into India four days ago and have loved everything, from the food to the sites (everything except for the weather that is)! But now […]