Title: An Analysis of Ram Rahim Pragati Producer Company Limited (RRPPCL): Opportunities for Greater Shareholder Participation Background: A lack of largermarkets and social and geographic isolation has led marginal farmers in the dryland regions of rural India to rely on village traders and to sell their marketable surplus. The arbitrariness of such localized relationships has in […]

Arriving back to the States one week before school starts does not leave much time to unwind, catch up with friends and family, and tackle the long list of to-dos that must be completed before moving back to Philly. While attempting to balance all these things, I can’t help but think of memories of SPS […]

Last week, Dr. Mihir Shah, an SPS founding member who now serves on the Planning Commission of India from Delhi, arrived at The Baba Amte Center for People’s Empowerment in Neemkheda to give his biannual class to the entire SPS staff. More than fifty people descended on the campus to listen to his lecture, which […]

July 11: Sit in the Kaka-mobile to shake and smack along to the Kantaphod district —two hours. Sit to interview SHG women armed with my Moleskin and pen—one hour. Sit to share roti and spicy sabzi from a tiffin box for lunch—half an hour. Sit on the motorbike to navigate the mud-submerged trails to the […]

As I promised last post, today I’m going to be telling you all about the details of my project. I am working with the Ram Rahim Pragati Producer Company, RRPPCL, which is a commodity aggregation business that works with small and marginal farmers. The central idea of the enterprise is to buy mostly corn and […]

Hi everyone,             I hope y’all are well, wherever you may be. Week four has come and gone, and I feel like I’m really getting into the rhythm of things.             I have been working with SPS’s Producer Company, a commodity aggregation system designed to free marginal farmers from the clutches of predatory traders and […]

Hey everyone! Today is the two-week mark of my internship with Samaj Pragati Sahayog! It’s been enlightening, relaxing, grueling, and rewarding to be here. Because it’s been some time since my last post, I’ll first tell you all about what we’ve been doing here work-wise. For the past two weeks, SPS has given us an […]

            Hey everyone! My name is Aashna, and I’m from Charlotte, North Carolina. I just finished my freshman year at Penn, where I am in the Huntsman Program for International Studies and Business. My area of focus is Hindi and South Asian Studies, so I am so excited to be diving […]