My last days in India. I was in the Ellora caves, sitting against a rock pillar when I saw a foreigner walking towards me with a camera. He asked to take my picture. And I smiled. After having the summer of a lifetime, I’m back at Penn. Feeling grateful. Feeling stronger. Happy to have good […]

Sometimes they tell stories here. Of the women. How she went to the jungle, how a ghost possessed her. Her in-laws will cry for two days and then ask around for another wife. One who is healthier and works more. Who speaks less. Big dowry. Who can bear sons instead of daughters. After all, their […]

Let’s talk about potatoes. No really. After six straight meals, I was seriously considering how my life would be as a potato. After all, you are what you eat. Hare Krishna. So Renu (see below) and I moved into our home-stay two days ago, and after a lot of struggle we devised a few rules […]

Something about being in the mountains makes you feel closer to heaven. It’s like every night the stars come out just to speak to you in their silent star language. I’ve been doing a lot of silent talking recently. Which means love-listening. I went to this beautiful small church in Nainital yesterday- St. Francis Church of […]

Much love to everyone. I finally, finally have internet to write and there is so much I want to say. So first, lots of people have asked me what I’m doing this summer/have been curious as to why exactly I’m here. I’m working with an NGO, CHIRAG- Central Himalayan Rural Action Group, on environmental engineering and […]

I asked him where the Ganga Kinare was- the bank of Ganges. He said straight ahead. I asked if it was clean. He got upset. This is the first lesson that you will learn here. Mother Ganga can never be dirty. To even suggest it causes heartache for those who see her spirit. See, I […]

Hi Everyone! My name is Aardra and I am a rising junior in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at the University of Pennsylvania. I will be graduating with a degree in Bioengineering and South Asian Studies in May 2016. This summer I am so very excited to take a journey that I know will […]