Hello! – Achint

Hi everyone! My name is Achint Das, and I will be a CASI-Aravind intern for Summer 2023 in Madurai.

I was born in Delhi, but I grew up for most of my life in New Jersey.

I am a sophomore (Class of 2025) at Wharton concentrating in Healthcare Management with an interest in international health business and diplomacy.

I am most excited about getting in work in Aravind and living in Madurai! Aravind is world-renowned for its ophthalmology services model and my professors and mentors have all mentioned it naturally as sources of inspiration for their own work. I’d love to learn how Aravind was able to build and maintain such a model and I’m excited to contribute my own work to this special hospital. On another note, I am very excited to eat lots of food, explore the beautiful nature, and dive into the cultural and religious sites in Madurai and India with Ashna, Eric, and Sage!

I am most nervous about adjusting to Madurai. A few things that will be different will be the very hot weather, 6-day work week, and cultural norms; even though I’m Indian, South Indian culture is incredibly different from Bengali culture (my ethnicity), and I will have to be prepared to make mistakes and learn through trial and error. However, I’m confident that I’ll be able to adjust and excited to see how I grow from this entire summer, both professionally and personally!

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About Achint Das

Hi everyone! My name is Achint, and I am studying Healthcare Management at Penn in the Class of 2025. At Penn, I'm involved in AKPsi, Glee, 180 DC, and IAA as part of INTERCOL. I was born in Delhi, but grew up in New Jersey for most of my life. I will be a CASI-Aravind Intern for Summer 2023, and I'm very excited to explore Tamil Nadu and learn about Aravind!