Clocking Out

Time to clock out. Oh wait, we stopped signing into work since the end of June. No card to punch in. Wow, that feels like a long time ago.

As my moment at Aravind ends, a new one is beginning. But it’s hard to accept that and leave what was a deeply impactful experience. This was a very non-linear form of growth, it has helped me appreciate the world in ways that I didn’t know I took for granted. There are so many distinct memories that are hard to let go. I won’t go too much in detail, since I can’t fully let go. So I’ll leave them here, in no order I can decipher.

Watching a baby’s birthday in a cafe in Pondicherry.

Enjoying a banana foster at Phil’s Bistro without Phil.

He lived in our hearts throughout the summer though

Playing Rubix cube hockey in LAICO with pens and, well, a Rubix cube.

(For legal/graphic reasons that are known to only me and Aravind, there is no image uploaded here)

Playing table tennis and carrom with Aravind and his mom.

(Pictures being edited by our newfound friends who made Aravind a model)

An early morning in Ooty with the damp and earthy air enveloping me.

Writer’s Cafe in Pondy.

On its side because I couldn’t flip it around, not because it was quirky

Last Day of Aravind!! Handing out gifts and sweets!

We are all matching 😀

Riding on motorcycles with Haran and his friends.

The wind in our faces was exhilirating

Seeking out kulfi with Manya.

Pista >>>>

Being excited for good food days in the mess.

Pizza and Poori and Chana Masala are the three main food groups

Playing basketball with Aravind after a gluttonous dinner with Laura and the other interns.

(Redacted so Aravind doesn’t get exposed)

Watching Celeste watch the ~quirky~ Gulu Gulu movie.

(Only could watch halfway through before leaving to catch a train)

So many different communities embraced us this summer and I’ll always be grateful for that.

These blog posts are helpful to acknowledge and express that gratitude.

Playing with Diya and Manya on the panoramic train ride up to Ooty.

Snack breaks during work to get Jim Jams and hot coffee.

(Also redacted for legal reasons)

Celeste being incredibly photogenic in every picture.

Womp Womp

The Duality of Lassi House:

It is a famed tradition to flex in front of Lassi House, a legacy passed onto the next Aravind interns.

A Modern Miracle
Still better than sophomore year

I could try to be intellectually rigorous in describing this summer. But the best way to describe it: so… fun 🙂

To quote an important figure:

‘Oontz oontz’

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About Suhaas Narayanan

Hello! I’m Suhaas, a rising junior at Penn studying Finance and Neuroscience. I’ll be spending my 2022 summer at the Aravind Eye Care Hospital in Madurai, Tamil Nadu. I’m interested in philosophy, healthcare systems, and human geography. I’m excited to explore the variety of novel experiences that my internship as part of CASI will offer!