Hi everyone! I am a rising fifth year in the PhD program in the Department of Political Science at Penn. I am excited to be joining the CASI summer program once again this year. My dissertation project looks at the implications of male migration on women in sending communities. Specifically, I am interested in understanding the ways in which their political behavior changes in terms of the kind of interactions with the state in their husband’s absence. I am currently working on two things concurrently. In the last year I used secondary data from the IHDS to establish national level trends on how women’s lives change across different facets of their life. I am currently adding finishing touches to this paper. I am also simultaneously working on designing my survey. I will be conducting an original survey in Araria, Bihar this year and I am also drafting the questions that will go into the survey. I aim to do some qualitative work in the Fall before piloting and fielding the survey. Thank you!

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