Wrapping Up Summer Research

Hello! I am writing one last time to debrief my experience conducting research through CASI under the supervision of Dr. Robert DeRubeis and Akash Wasil.

My experience over the past months has been overwhelmingly positive and has taught me many important skills necessary for a career in psychology.

This summer I assisted with analysis and data cleaning related to project investigating the efficacy of a single-session mental health intervention meant to increase mental well-being among Indian students. Through this experience, I gained valuable knowledge of RStudio and, more broadly, strong data management and analysis practices. Additionally, I was involved in a project seeking to compare the rates of stigmatized beliefs endorsed by Indian adolescents versus American adolescents. Notably, through this work, I got hands-on experience in manuscript editing. Overall, I feel very satisfied knowing that I contributed to the important knowledge base of mental health in India.

Looking forward, I am now even more certain that I want to pursue a career in clinical psychology, and I plan to apply to graduate schools in the fall. Additionally, I will stay involved in the DeRubeis Lab to finish existing projects and start new ones!

I would like to sincerely thank CASI and the DeRubeis Lab for their support this summer and for making my research experience so amazing!

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About jssteinb

My name is Josh Steinberg and I am a rising senior studying psychology in the College of Arts & Sciences from Needham, MA. I will be working on projects related to mental health and wellness promotion programs for Indian college students under the supervision of Dr. Robert DeRubeis.