Hello from Emma!

Hello! My name is Emma Palermo and I’m a rising senior in the College from Philadelphia, PA! I’m currently majoring in psychology with minors in neuroscience and statistics. This summer, I have been working with Dr. Robert DeRubeis and Akash Wasil (a graduate student in the lab) to analyze cross-cultural data to examine how the perceptions of online interventions differ between college students in the US and college students in India. Throughout my work on this project, I have developed a deeper understanding of global mental health and the work associated with translating the content of online mental health interventions in a culturally sensitive way. Working on this project will continue to allow me to cultivate my skills in applied statistics and data analysis, as well as offer me the opportunity to delve more deeply into the literature on culturally sensitive interventions and how mental health interventions are perceived globally. This is an amazing opportunity through which I am developing skills to help me in my future endeavors as I aim to become a clinical psychologist.

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