Summer 2021 writing plans

Megan N. Reed

I am a PhD Candidate in Sociology and Demography in the School of Arts and Sciences at Penn. I was excited to receive a 2021 Summer Research Grant from CASI to support my dissertation project. This is my final year at Penn as I plan to graduate in May 2022.

Last summer I received support from CASI to complete one chapter of my dissertation which utilizes interview data from New Delhi collected in 2018 and 2019. I conducted these interviews with recently married couples, matchmakers, parents, and unmarried young people in order to explore how middle class families navigate the marriage decision-making process. This summer I plan to use the same interview data to draft another dissertation chapter which will expand on themes discussed in my previous CASI blog post about changing patterns of marriage engagements (rokas) in urban India.

Read more about my research on my website.

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About Megan Reed

Megan is a PhD student in Sociology and Demography at the University of Pennsylvania. She researches gender, family, and social inequality in India. Read more about her research here: