India in Lists (with interspersed photos)

Things to Bring to India

  1. Patience 
  2. Clothes that can get dirty 
  3. Birkenstocks or good sandals 
  4. A sense of humor
  5. Granola Bars
  6. Added bonus rain coat of umbrella 

Things to Eat in India

  1. Mango
  2. Dosa
  3. Chai
  4. Kulfi pops
  5. Biriyani 

Things to avoid in India

  1. Scams
  2. Street food if your American and have a weak stomach 
  3. Mosquitos 
  4. Bangalore rush hour traffic 
  5. Overnight buses 

Things to try: experiences 

  1. Taking the Train 
  2. Henna
  3. Shopping at a market, especially fruit
  4. Touching an Elephant- I know this is basic, but so fun!
  5. Go to the movie theater 

Things to help with homesickness 

  1. See a movie  
  2. Listen to American music
  3. Call your family 
  4. Talk to the people around you 
  5. Eat a mango 

Things not to bring to India 

  1. High Expectations
  2. Tank tops and shorts  – I bought 5 tank top I don’t know why
  3. Heavy cloths 
  4. Anything you would be really sad to loose
  5. To much lugange if your gonna take a domestic flight because you might have to pay $60

 Things to expect in India 

  1. Having a hard time communicating 
  2. Getting ripped of when buying things 
  3. Very kind generous co workers 
  4. Trash on the streets 
  5. Delays and inefficiencies 

Advice for next years interns 

  1. Be patient, getting annoyed does not make things anymore efficient
  2. Try as many new foods as you can you will never know what will surprise you
  3. Take lots of pics so that you can remember 
  4. Try to workout even if it is just in your apartment it will help keep you sane 
  5. Bring LOTS of granola bars 

Best fruits in India

  1. MANGO 
  2. Pomegranate 
  3. Coconut
  4. Watermelon 
  5. Jackfruit- not as good but worth a try 

Best forms of transportation 

  1. Autorickshaw 
  2. Uber 
  3. Airplane 
  4. Train 
  5. Overnight bus (wouldn’t recommend) 

Best gifts from India 

  1. Scarves 
  2. Incense 
  3. Snacks 
  4. Jewelry 
  5. Cool Journals 

Things I learned in India 

  1. I have so much stuff (Material goods, resources, opportunities)
  2. I am lucky to be a women in the USA 
  3. It’s incredible how much you can communicate when you have to, even with a language barrier. It is also incredible despite this how frustrating a language Barrier Can be.  
  4. Patience is key. Things will get done even if it is not always the most efficient way.
  5. Meet people where they are. You might not understand a culture, but you can’t just walk in a change it completely.  Humans have empathy and a great ability to adapt. You will be better able to connect with people, maintain your sanity, and have an impact if you accept people and a culture as it is.    

  People I am thankful for in India 

  1. Laura for being such a great coordinator 
  2. My cointerns for keeping me company and being patient 
  3. Chitra for helping organise our shahi experience 
  4. The entire GBL and OD teams for all their help on our projects and being kind and welcoming
  5. My parents for listening to me complain

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