A Spotify Playlist for Your Internship in India

Now that I have finished my internship at Shahi and am safely back home, I figured there would be no better way to encapsulate my time in India than though music. So to to reminisce about the past 9 weeks and to help future interns prepare for their time in the country, here is my entirely-objective, not-at-all-biased Indian Essentials playlist:

  • Don’t Stop Believin’ – Journey

This has to be the first one because it’s just so important – your time in India definitely going to be a hell of a journey. India is by no means a very easy place to live in, and at many times you might stop and wonder “what in the world is going on right now?” But don’t worry, don’t stop believing, and focus on the positives – it will be a great time!

  • Umbrella – Rihanna

Because you’re definitely gonna need one. It’s monsoon season, duh.

  • I’m a Mess – Ed Sheeran

For those times you come back from work really tired, look around at all the clothes, books, souvenirs, and just random stuff scattered around your room, see your hair going all over the place in the mirror and come to the conclusion that you truly are a mess right now.

  • Sleep on The Floor – The Lumineers

Because some places in India don’t really understand the concept of soft mattresses.

  • Don’t Speak – No Doubt

This is an important one. Language is a barrier I wasn’t anticipating when coming to India because I thought everyone would speak English, but that’s 100% not true. People will try to speak to you not just in Hindi, but in Kannada, Tamil, Bengali and you will definitely have many doubts. Don’t worry too much, though. For the times you really cannot understand each other: don’t speak, just gesture.

  • Udd Gaye – Ritviz

My friend introduced me to this Pune-based DJ as an authentically-Indian alternative to Bollywood, and made me realize that everyone who spends two months in India without enjoying its extensive musical culture made a huge mistake.

  • Estoy Aqui – Shakira 

You know those moments when you kind of forget you’re thousands of miles away from everything you know? You pretty much get used to the routine and everything seems almost normal, and you take India for granted. At those moments it’s hard to remember that damn, I’m really here.

  • It’s Not Right But It’s Okay – Whitney Houston

When people schedule a meeting at 4 but show up at 5:30. When the delivery guy refuses to give you change and demands the exact amount. When random people stop you on the street and ask to take a picture with you. When cars drive like there’s not a single traffic law in place. It’s most definitely not right, but oh well. 

  • Lamberghini – The Doorbeen

Because that was the only Indian song I knew before coming here and I was so happy to not feel left out every time they played it at a bar. Also because it’s a hella good song.

  • When I Get Home – Post Animal 

For that final stretch when you’re just so tired and all you can think of is the food you’ll eat, the people you’ll see and the things you’ll do when you get home.

  • Unique – GoldLink

It can be easy to get lost in the routine of work and get used to the crazy sights and senses around you, but it’s very important to remember that this experience is nothing short of unique. I’m sure very few people back at Penn had such a memorable Summer, and you’ll be glad you did.

And, of course, here is a link to the playlist on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/user/22bxjedfz4ishezgn7avdkwga/playlist/0SE7WVIiQVfWqylsOkcV2B?si=prNvwkDES0ujoA-b_BKjbw 

2 thoughts on “A Spotify Playlist for Your Internship in India

  1. I love this blog post!! Couldn’t stop smiling while reading it. What a great way to summarize all of the craziness you’ve experienced the last 9 weeks in India!

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