An Intern’s View of LEAP Skills

5 weeks completed at work! I consider myself very privileged to be interning here at LEAP Skills. LEAP (Learning, Employability and Progress) is a start-up that aims to bridge the skill gap in India and arm the Indian youth with the skills they need to have access to aspirational opportunities and to build successful careers.

I sincerely believe that everyone at the company has a reason to be here – other than the need to work and earn a salary. They are very committed and dedicated to make a change. Ria and I have also had the wonderful opportunity to hear the journey of the company and why LEAP came into existence from one of the cofounders.

There is so much to do, so everyone is very busy, but they definitely make out time for us whenever we have a question or need clarity about something. I am grateful to our supervisors who have been kind enough to guide us throughout and hold 1 hour meetings with us despite their busy schedules. I also appreciate the fact that they value our input on the different projects that we worked on with them.

What strikes me the most at LEAP is the sense of family that is nurtured here. There are not so many people, so everyone knows everyone.  I was surprised to see that they even celebrate the work anniversary of the staff. Bi monthly meetings are held to keep everyone on the same page. Just the other day, I attended one and it was amazing. The meeting started by welcoming 2 people who just joined LEAP. There was also an activity where everyone was given a blank sheet of paper and asked to write an anonymous compliment to a colleague. This pushed me to reflect about the kind of workplace I want to be in once I am looking for a job. I always used to think – I want to work in X sector or Y company as Z role, but I never thought, or I probably just assumed that I will be in a place where people value what I do and respect my opinion.

I remember being warned about Indian timing and was even told to bring a book because meetings scheduled at 12 can start at 3. I was very pleasantly surprised here since practically all the meetings are on time.  Also, as a startup they are always thinking of what differentiates them from others in the market. It was interesting to also see the how they experiment with things and come back to the drawing board to see the what works, what doesn’t and what needs to be changed. This has also prompted me to think creatively whenever I am making a presentation or research.

As to what am I actually doing:

The company has recently started catering for young job seekers India by acting as bridge between them and employers. In the first 2 weeks, I did a lot of research on competitors in the market. Ria and I also helped to come up with the framework and features for the new platform called Skillr Jobs. Now, I am working on a project to devise strategies to engage with job seekers on social media and to drive brand recall and brand presence. 

In brief, it is very inspiring to see the kind of work that the team here is doing. There is lots of scope to learn, grow and take responsibility. I look forward to the remaining 3-4 weeks at LEAP with amazing supervisors and co-workers.

A picture of me working diligently on my project!

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About Tashweena Heeramun

Hi! My name is Tashweena Heeramun. I am a rising junior from Mauritius. I am currently studying systems science and engineering and I am pursuing minors in computer science and math at Penn. This summer, I will be interning at LEAP Skills Academy in New Delhi. I am very excited to explore new foods and meet new people!