Pre-departure to Delhi.

It’s a few hours before my flight. I am feeling nervous as I pack in preparation for India- my new home for the next two months. I am anxious of the long flight ahead, nervous of the heat that I am about to experience and nervous of being the only black woman in many of the spaces that I will be in. What makes it even more different is the fact that I will be flying from Kenya (where most people look like me) to this new place. The one thing I expect is the huge shift in culture. Its nerve wrecking but also exciting in some way. Isn’t  an opportunity to live among people from a different culture and interact with them, eat their food and experience the culture in their midst? Well, that is what India means to me now! This is also the week that I have to practice self-care to make sure that I do not overwhelm myself with emotions or exhaustion.

Finally I will be in New Delhi. Finally I will get the chance to eat the samosas that I love in the motherland! Yes! I am beyond hyped.

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About sylviakimwei

Hi, my name is Sylvia Kimwei and I am a Nursing class of 2020. I interned with the Public Health Foundation in New Delhi summer '19. Join me in my journey as we discover India together and learn a lot from the internship.