Getting ready for Bangalore

Hello! My name is João Campos and I’m originally from Belo Horizonte, Brazil, where I spent all my life until going to Penn a few years ago. I’m a rising Junior studying International Relations with a minor in Urban Studies. I’m very interested in social businesses, international development and developing countries in general. These interests are what brought me to CASI in the first place, as I wanted to get more work experience in India and get to know more about their business environment.

Last year I had the amazing opportunity of interning at an NGO in Mexico City over the summer, so I’m very curious to see the similarities and differences between Brazil, Mexico, and India in terms of their development strategies as well as their cultures and work environments. Working at Shahi Exports will be a great opportunity for me to get to know more about an industry that is very global and so important to India’s economy, and also get exposure to private sector practices. I’m super excited to se the challenges Shahi is facing and learn their best business practices, and also create my own project to help them.

I’m very excited to experience the culture of Bangalore and South India, especially through Shahi’s trips to visit nearby factories. Getting to see factories in the big city and in the countryside will give us a great understanding of the economic and social context of the region, which will be very interesting. To be completely honest I’m a bit nervous about living in Bangalore for such a long time – even though I have experience living abroad and am a pretty adaptable person, I have never been for an extended period of time in a place where I don’t speak the local language. even though I am a bit apprehensive, I know that communication will be fine and I will be able to have a great time, and I’m excited to pick up some Kannada while I’m there!

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About joaocamposd

My name is João and I'm a Junior at Penn originally from Belo Horizonte, Brazil. I study International Relations and I'm really excited to be working at Shahi Exports this Summer.