Next stop, Delhi!

Hello! My name is Shreyoshi Das, and I am very excited to begin interning at Shahi this summer. I’m from Flower Mound, Texas (which is a suburb of Dallas), and I’m currently a rising sophomore (Class of 2022) in Wharton planning to study Decision Processes and Management.

I feel very fortunate to have received this wonderful opportunity to go abroad this summer through the CASI program, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel some slight apprehension about the trip. I don’t consider myself a particularly adventurous person, so I feel a bit nervous about traveling across India in a more extensive way than I’m used to. However, I’m also most excited to become more spontaneous and adventurous as a result of this internship, and I’m glad I get to do so with my 3 other amazing co-interns! This summer will require me to become more independent, and frankly, fearless than I have ever been up until this point in my life. However, I know that the experience will allow me to grow personally in a productive way that will make going out of my comfort zone this summer worth it.

Earlier this summer, I spent a little over 2 weeks in Costa Rica working with an NGO to provide more access to education to local youth. The scenery was beautiful but very different from India.

Through this internship, I’m hoping to immerse myself in work that is actually useful to Shahi and can potentially leave an impact on the organization, even if it’s in a small capacity. I want to challenge myself and learn new skills that will help me in the workplace in the future. However, above all, I want to work on a project that I am truly interested in and passionate about so that I can feel excited to go to work every day. Moreover, I’m excited to meet and get closer to my 3 other co-interns because I’m sure we’re going to have a blast! Thank you so much to the CASI program for giving me this opportunity because I certainly would not have been able to receive this international experience without the program’s help.

Delhi and Bangalore, here we come!  

One thought on “Next stop, Delhi!

  1. I can’t wait to hear about how much you grow this summer. This is such a wonderful opportunity and I know that you’ll make the most of it!

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About shreyoshidas

Hi! My name is Shreyoshi Das (W'22), and I'm from Flower Mound, Texas (near Dallas). I'm planning to concentrate in Decision Processes and Management, and I hope to learn more about those areas of study at my internship at Shahi this summer. My hobbies include hiking, reading, and watching nature documentaries.