It is difficult for me to reminisce about this summer without my face bursting into a smile. The friendships made, places travelled and work done have all had a very tangible, positive effect on my life. My experience at Shahi has opened my eyes to the phenomenal things being done in the realm of worker welfare. Furthermore, this has strengthened my commitment to working towards improving workers’ conditions in India’s manufacturing setting after I graduate. I have learnt a lot about the ethics of manufacturing, trade union functioning and workers’ freedom of association. Above all, I have learnt how to adapt, adjust and accommodate, when working and living with others.

IMG_0311Me and my co-interns

This enriching experience would not have been the same without some key individuals. First and foremost, I’d like to thank CASI for facilitating this opportunity and Aparna for her unending patience when dealing with me. I would like to express immense gratitude to my bosses Chitra and Anant. They taught me, mentored me and without them I would not have gotten this phenomenal learning experience. I would also like to thank the Organizational Development team at Shahi, especially Prem, Sahana, Shruti and Purushottam for their unending support. Big shout-out to the Good Business Lab team for making this experience so much fun. It is a little sad to think that I won’t be able to hang out with Priota and Bopanna, ask Varun for food recommendations or be around Mansi’s overall coolness any more. Finally, I owe the most gratitude to my co-interns- Angela, Piotr and Stephanie. Piotr, thank you for being the easiest person to live and for making this experience exponentially more enjoyable. Angela and Stephanie – there is so much to be grateful to the two of you for, but above all, thank you for bearing with me. This summer would not have been nearly as fulfilling without you two.

39274563_2130201963894846_1090212495299182592_nSome of the people who made this experience so special

My 10 weeks in Bangalore have not only helped me grow as an individual, but also exposed me to parts of my country’s identity that I previously knew nothing about. This is something that I am incredibly grateful for. Through our extensive travel around South India over the summer, I got to experience so many places, whose uniqueness was foreign to me. This includes learning about the historical significance of Hampi and the distinctive culture of Coorg along with the myriad languages, foods and people we encountered along the way. All of this added profound value to my summer and it is to all these people, entities and things that I would like to express my sincere gratitude.

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About siddharthm2412

Penn Class of 2019 - majoring in History. Intern at Shahi Exports, Bangalore, in Summer 2018