Final Thoughts

Throughout our time at CORD, Rhea and I were fortunate enough to experience so many breathtaking views everyday. From the scenic fields to the insides of people’s homes, every moment was picture-perfect. Since we arrived, we were looking to choreograph and record a dance video because we are both dancers at Penn. However, as typical college students, we only found time the day of our departure (at 6 AM) to record the entire piece. We wanted to make this video to capture our individual growth as we learned to live in the present and appreciate every waking moment for what it is, rather than what it could be. From visiting the Chinmaya Ashram at sunrise (and dancing while random people stared) to discovering the beautifully scenic roof of our very own dormitory building the day before we left, Rhea and I are so grateful to have had the opportunity through CASI to experience such beauty.

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About swathiraman18

I am a rising junior in the College majoring in Health and Societies. I will be interning with the CORD Sidhbari partnership in the summer of 2016.