The lovely pink city

Two weekends ago, I decided that it was time for a getaway. Delhi and Yamuna nagar were great, but there was so much more to explore. Thankfully, my friend Priyanshi invited me to stay over her house in Jaipur. It was perfect!

Her family was awesome. They opened their home to me and gave me the warmest welcome I have ever had. Not only did they give me housing, they also fed me. A LOT. Honestly, the amount of food I ate in Jaipur is astounding. I don’t regret one pound of the weight I gained because it was all very delicious. I almost cried tears of joy every single time I took a bite out of the food. My friend made me tried Chola Bhatura from a street vendor, and honestly writing about it right now is making my mouth water. I enjoyed it so much that I had to take a picture of the menu on snapchat and save it in order to remember the name. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find a street vendor in Delhi that sells the dish (no worries I will find one).

image2 (2)

My snapchat of the street vendor’s menu

Although I am not very touristy, I did see beautiful monuments that caught my eye. However, due to my lack of photography skills, there is actually only one picture that I am proud of.


Jaipur!!!!!! (sorry I am really bad at photography)


As for my other activities, I mostly hung out with my friend shopping, watching Netflix, and eating. (side note: I am currently obsessed with watching Gossip Girl—It’s honestly so addictive) In addition, my friend Nelly, from the hostel, Madpackers, met up with me in Jaipur. We went to a great restaurant called the Peacock, which had the best pasta I have ever eaten in my life. Afterwards, we got to hear some lively party music on the way back home. It was an interesting experience because the music was vastly different from what we were used to. It was a mix of Punjabi and Edm beats..

image1 (1)

One of me and Priyanshi’s many selfies on our way shopping!

In all, my weekend in Jaipur was a great one. As I look back at that weekend, I can only hope that this coming one will live up the it. I will keep you updated on my adventures.



Gossip Girl (See I told you I was obsessed)

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