Hello, world

Hey hi hello 🙂 I’m Britt. I’m studying business and political science at Penn and I’ll be in my last year next year. Outside of school I love cooking, playing music, and cuddling with my cat, Alice.

I’ve been in India for some days now, and I’m still just taking everything in. It feels like it’s been quite the roller coaster so far of nerves, excitement, confusion, new experiences, etc.

This is my first time abroad, and I already miss all my friends (and my cat of course). But at the same time, I’m so excited for the experiences ahead. I’m also very excited about my internship at MMTC-PAMP, a gold and silver refinery. We’ll be mainly working on a CSR (that’s corporate social responsibility) initiative as well as a more traditional corporate project.

CSR is really interesting to me, and what’s new for me is that in India, unlike the US, it’s actually mandatory. Effective CSR can provide a huge benefit to the community, so I hope that I’m able to put in some valuable work this summer. The company has already been doing several CSR projects such as installing safe water filtration systems and providing the community with toilets. On Wednesday Parth and I were able to attend a small inauguration ceremony with Ajay, the person who directly works on implementing CSR initiatives at MMTC-PAMP, for a common area and toilets near a police station, especially for particularly disadvantaged populations, to comfortably wait if they have business with the police since the station does not have adequate waiting areas. We apparently were in the local newspaper, although I haven’t seen the photo yet. We also visited a small building at a new bus station which has toilets at the bottom and an area at the top for overnight stay.

I’m excited to dive in even more to my projects! And excited about everything really.

Well, until next time–


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