To an Adventurous Summer

Hi! My name is Katerine Jimenez and I’m a rising senior majoring in Philosophy, Politics and Economics and minoring in Consumer Psychology. This summer I will be interning at Jana Urban Foundation in Bangalore. I’m really excited to be working at Jana because I’m very interested in social impact and in business. Jana Urban Foundation is an urban inclusion think tank that hopes to promote urban India’s financial inclusion and enhanced quality of life. I’m not sure what project I will be working on yet, but it will be under Customer Insights and Analytics.

I’m currently sitting the Dubai airport waiting for my flight to New Delhi. I have just finished my Penn International Impact Consulting trip in Jordan. I was there for the last three weeks working with a peace-building NGO and also traveling around the country on weekends (Below are some photos). This summer will be a great opportunity for me to travel, but to also get professional experience in fields that I’m really interested in.

I’m extremely excited to be in India this summer! I have traveled abroad to other places before for extended periods of time (I studied abroad in Brazil for five months), but India will be completely different. I can’t wait to try all the food, make new friends, find a good yoga studio, discover Bangalore and have meaningful experiences that will hopefully help me figure out what I would like to do upon graduation. More than anything, I hope to gain perspective from this experience.


Dead Sea with some of my group


Visiting the Lost City of Petra




One thought on “To an Adventurous Summer

  1. It’s crazy how we’ve already done almost all the things you listed you wanted to try! Can’t wait to see what the rest of the summer brings!

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