Only 9 weeks left

I cannot believe that the first week is already over. So far, I dealt with so many ups and downs, and learned how to better respond with some situations. Not only have I already learned much about myself, I learned a lot about others. Even though it has only been a week, I can already see that I am growing in more ways then I expected.
I love the people that I am working with. Megha, the CEO and founder of Leap, is a great role model. She’s very energetic and high spirited, and I have much respect for her and her work. I am excited to learn more about her and how she got to the place she is today. She’s honestly someone I aspire to be like.
In addition, Kristi has been a great help. She was a CASI intern at Leap 2 years ago. I honestly would have been lost without her. Last night, we went for dinner with one of her friends and it was a great time. It was  awesome night discovering new food, eating ice cream while walking around the park, and enjoying a nice view of Delhi. I got to meet a great person, and learned more about the metro system.
I am very excited for the upcoming week! I plan to go to Jaipur this weekend. I shall update as soon as possible!

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About Faty Kane

Wharton Class of 2019 Intern at Leap Academy Summer 2016