Hi CASI! My name is Meghana and I am a rising junior in the College. I am double majoring in Psychology and Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies, and I’m from Atlanta, Georgia. I will be interning at Shahi Exports this summer. Shahi is an integrated textile manufacturing company, and a majority (~70%) of the workers at the factories are women. Further, many of the women workers are migrants from different states in the country, or from rural areas. These conditions call for intersectional studies to understand the ways in which these women workers experience gender, class, caste, health, and so much more. Primarily, I am interested in studying the Prevention of Sexual Harassment trainings done at Shahi and how they are received and used in the setting. I am also interested in the role of social support in mental health issues, specifically with relation to gender based violence. After understanding my access to the factory and my limitations, I hope to work on one of these topics, or find a way to integrate all of them.


Visiting the Taj Mahal!

I will be working at the Shahi factory in Bengaluru, India. Bengaluru is in the state of Karnataka, which borders my home states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Home has always been a complicated topic for me, as it perhaps is for many diaspora. While the city of Hyderabad is my home in India and a hometown for me, it is also only one of my home bases. Bengaluru on the other hand, is close to Hyderabad but has a completely different culture, language, climate, and more. In many ways, this summer I am returning home to India. At the same time, I am leaving my home in the U.S. behind and also entering a new and unfamiliar city. I am home, but not entirely–I am homeish. Most importantly, however, I am excited to learn, grow, and hopefully contribute something respectfully to this community, factory, and its workers.

Until next time!

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About Meghana Nallajerla-Yellapragada

I am a rising junior at the University of Pennsylvania, working in Bengaluru, India through CASI (Center for Advanced Study of India) this summer! Looking forward to being back in my motherland and learning, growing, and hopefully contributing respectfully to my workplace.