Why did I do this to myself?

Everyone already knows about the part where I love working with students and traveling abroad, but what my close friends and family really wonder is why I choose India. It is the question that always seems to pop up when my mom and I are talking during Young and Restless commercials or during casual 2 am conversations at IHOP with my “sisters.” (note: I call my closest friends my sisters because we have been together for many many years.) They always ask me why I did not apply for a program in Ghana, Nigeria, or Senegal where I would have relatives nearby. Not only would it be easier because of the lack of language barrier, but I would be working from the comfort of my own home. Yet, I always laugh and tell them the bland superficial answer that I want to explore the world.


Me and my sisters attempting to take a good picture and failing miserably.

My name is Faty Kane and I am currently a rising sophomore in the Wharton School of business who has no idea what to do in the future. However, I do know what I am passionate about, which is why I really wanted to be involved with Leap Academy. Wait, did I tell you how much I really love working with students? Well, I do! I love giving students, of all ages, the opportunity to further their studies and relate to them in many ways. This program not only allows that, but it gives me the chance to explore India. Through this endeavor, I hope to better tie the things that I am passionate about and my Wharton Studies and finally get my life together!!!

Now a list of things I want to do in India:

  • Explore Mumbai
  • Visit Taj Mahal
  • Go to Jaipur
  • Take a bhangra dance class
  • Take a selfie on the mountains
  • Visit other CASI sites
  • Learn enough of the language to order food
  • Not passing out from heat stroke

Of course they are many more things I want to do, but I just don’t know it yet. But I will keep you updated as I discover more.

I have about 6 hours till I board my flight to India. Very psyched and nervous about this trip, but I am confident it will be awesome. I am a bit concerned about my diet because my partner just told me that most meals are vegetarian, and as a huge carnivore, it hurt my stomach to think about it. But that’s no matter.  As I reflect back on the question why did I do this to myself? The answer is simple. It’s because I want to find myself in a completely unfamiliar place. Funny huh?

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About Faty Kane

Wharton Class of 2019 Intern at Leap Academy Summer 2016