Heading Home

I’ve again found myself scrambling to write my last blog post in India right before I board my plane, just as how I wrote my first one in the terminal before boarding my plane to Delhi. I justify this to myself by claiming it will be written after everything I’ll experience on my trip in India will have already happened. Even sitting in the airport, it still hasn’t fully hit me that I won’t be taking the very familiar ride to work tomorrow morning, won’t get tea with my coworkers, won’t see the same faces at the gym, and won’t be in India anymore. Who knows when or if I’ll get to do what has now become a comfortable routine for me again. Only after realizing I’ve done these things for the last time am I starting to realize how much I’ll miss it. 

The people in this city have been nothing but good to me. I think my favorite part of the Indian culture I’ve experienced has been just how welcoming and hospitable everyone seems to be. Maybe we’ve just been lucky in who we interact with, but from those at work to those we’ve struck up conversation in pubs, the whole trip has been a constant stream of invitations. These invitations have ranged from sharing a homemade chicken biryani lunch on my birthday to joining a friend we happened to meet playing pool (who’s apparently famous for being on an Indian reality show?) for strange food adventures including camel (incredible) and lamb brains (not bad) to getting out of Bangalore and exploring how beautiful India is outside of the city with our coworker. 

Having said this, I think I’m ready to head home. Despite everything I loved about India, there were always the lingering thoughts of home— who I was missing, what I would be doing, and what I would be eating (I can’t handle spicy food, I’ll admit it). It’s hard to say exactly what the impact of my summer in India has been, but it’s definitely there. I think it will be best to reflect on this in my final blog post after returning home and having had time to look at my trip from the other side. 

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About jacobvanhouten

Class of 2017, majoring in Mathematical Economics. Intern at Jana Urban Foundation in Bangalore, Karnataka in summer 2015.