Hello! My name is Valentine d’Hauteville. I’m a rising junior in the college majoring in Physics and minoring in Computer science. This summer, I will be interning at Shahi exports and will probably be spending a lot of time conducting ethnographic research at this garment industry. I know… this physics –anthropology combination has surprised quite a few of my friends and relatives. I am in fact planning n experiencing the “must do” scientific research summer next year, and instead, for this summer have chosen to embark on an exciting, unique and probably extremely instructive adventure. I am French and grew up in Paris where I attended a French high school. I love to travel, discover new cultures and learn about other philosophies of live. Thanks to my parents, I have already been to various places and continents but I have never travelled independently and been given the opportunity be active and immersed in the local community. This is what I am the most looking forward to in coming to India and working at Shahi! Much of our work will consist in conducting interviews and trying to understand the backgrounds and motivations of the Shahi workers in order to help promote an optimal and productive work environment in which these workers can strive. I am particularly eager to interact with young women workers, some of who will probably be my age and to whom I will probably be able to relate to in some way.


I am currently overnighting at Heathrow airport because my first flight to London was delayed, so I missed my connecting flight to Delhi. I am planning on leaving tomorrow morning. I’m starting to find that airports can be quite nice at less busy hours. My greatest regret is that I will now arrive too late to take part in the party the Habitat Center has organized for CASI interns tomorrow night. O well!


Of the things I am the most looking forward to in India are meeting new people, being confronted to a new culture and hopefully getting to grow somewhat confortable in it. I am also very excited at the prospect of wearing authentic Indian clothes on a daily basis. I already own a kurta but have rarely had the occasion of wearing it so far. I just love the way these clothes are so colorful and confortable. I have always dreamed of being chic/ tendy while wearing clothes that were as confortable as pajamas.


Soon enough, I will reach Delhi, see you there !


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About valdhaut

I'm in the college, class of 2017. I'm majoring in Physics and minoring in Computer science. I'm interning at SHAHI exports this summer.