Hello! My name is Laura and I am from Nova Scotia, Canada. Currently I am pursuing an M.S. Ed. in Intercultural Communication in the Educational Linguistics department of Penn’s Graduate School of Education. I’ll be finishing my coursework in the Fall (2015) semester.

I am very happy to be a part of the team heading to LEAP Skills Academy this summer. I am eager to apply some of the skills I’ve gained through my coursework at Penn and excited about implementing engaging workshops for young people. I am also hoping to expand my understanding of learning environments and to learn more about skill development initiatives as a viable solution for employing the growing population of students entering tertiary education in India. More generally, I find multilingual educational contexts fascinating and I hope to create meaningful intercultural experiences for students.

This is my second trip to India, but my first to both Delhi and Yamuna Nagar. I am excited to be working with people who are also interested in widening access to educational resources. And, as an avid traveler, I am enthusiastic about exploring a new region of this beautiful country!

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About lauraainsleeharris

Pursuing my M.S. Ed. in Intercultural Communication at Penn's Graduate School of Education