Hi Everyone!

I’m Leora Mincer and I just finished my sophomore year at Penn, majoring in History and English. I’m originally from New York City, and I’m going to be spending the summer at LEAP Skills Academy, an education start up based in New Delhi that is focused on helping students develop the necessary skills to achieve successful careers. I’m very excited to be in India, with its fascinating political and cultural history (even lugged a big book on modern Indian history with me from NYC) and its incredible ethnic, religious, and lingistic diversity. I’m also very interested in education, and I’m on the board of the Penn Education Society at school, but until now I’ve thought more about policy, so I’m looking forward to working with the more hands on practical application of pedagogy and curriculum development. I also really enjoy working with teenagers, so I’m excited for the 3 week “Propeller” workshop we’ll be running with local high schoolers. I just landed in Delhi a few hours ago, so I’m pumped to head out tomorrow to haggle a little in the markets, buy some comfortable Indian clothing (the heat here is no joke), and of course as a vegetarian, I can’t wait for all the incredible, tasty food I’ll be eating this summer!

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About Leora

University of Pennsylvania (C'17) graduate. Former Nehru-Fulbright English Teaching Assistant in India. Education and youth development professional. Itinerant reader, writer, and movie junkie.