Hi everyone!

My name is Eileen Shentu and I’m originally from Boston, MA. At Penn, I am concentrating in marketing and finance in Wharton with a minor in consumer psychology (Class of 2017). This summer I will be working for Leap Skills Academy with Bill, Leora and Laura. Leap is a skill development organization that is headquartered in Delhi. The organization aims to provide life-long skills as well as sector specific skills to students, allowing them to create careers of their own choice. This will be my second time in India and I’m happy to be back! I have always been interested in education and in general, I find India to be a fascinating country. I am excited for the challenge of applying what I’ve learned in an environment that is relatively unfamiliar. This summer, the big question that I am asking is how can Leap scale an educational model in a country that is so diverse, in a way that is economically feasible and efficient for the business. I look forward to working together with everyone in India and getting to eat as many mangos as I can during my free time.


More updates on all of this soon. Greetings from Dubai- next stop Delhi!

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About Eileen Shentu

Class of 2017, Wharton- concentrating in Marketing and Finance, Intern at Leap Skills Academy