My name is Ravi Jain, and I’m originally from Syosset, NY. I’m studying Economics and South Asia Studies, and I’m very excited to be working at the CORD this summer in Himachal Pradesh along with Kurt and Michelle. I wanted to share some of the thoughts I had before the internship begins. Working at CORD is definitely an essential step in my future, because it will equip me with a lot of the skills I think are fundamental to my career aspirations. I am mainly going to address economic inequality by contributing to the microfinance project, which aims to provide small loans to villagers who would otherwise be unable to have access to credit. More generally, I found myself attracted to an internship in India both because of my heritage and familiarity with it as well as my desire to learn more about the kinds of issues its people face. I am excited about a number of things- improving my Hindi, making a meaningful and lasting improvement to the lives of the villagers in H.P, but most of all, the food. 🙂

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About Ravi Jain

Penn'17, Economics, sponsored by the Center for the Advanced Study of India to intern at Chinmaya Organization for Rural Development