2015-05-12 21.55.49

Welcome to CASI readers and other viewers. Here’s some information about my project and me:

Name: Alex
Hometown: Madison, WI
Penn school: Arts and Sciences
Department: Sociology

Research site: a garment manufacturer in Delhi, pseudonym tbd
Research question: How do fashion buyers negotiate and determine which garments and fashions will be produced?

Traveling so far: My flight over was via British Airways, easily the best deal. They also have a generous baggage allowance. The best thing, though, is that they serve organic water on the flight. I have yet to find this luxury product in India. However, the tap water here is also quite “organic,” it seems…!















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About Alex

I am a PhD student in sociology doing research on negotiations at garment factories in in India. My work is supported by a summer travel research grant from CASI.