Pre-India blog post

Hi everyone,

I’m Kurt and I’m a junior in the College studying Health and Societies with a concentration in Public Health, and a minor in Bioethics. My hometown is in Northern Virginia but I’ve also lived in Mauritania, Yemen, and Germany. This summer I’ll be interning with the Chinmaya Organization for Rural Development, or CORD, in the the village of Sidhbari, Kangra District in Himachal Pradesh. My attraction to India as a country stems from my interest in medicine as a pre-med student, combined with my studies in Health and Societies, an interdisciplinary major that draws from the fields of anthropology, public health, epidemiology, and history. Medicine manifests itself in various forms in different places, and it would be an eye-opening experience to learn what healing and health in general mean in rural India, where conceptions of health and illness take on a more “holistic” meaning than the United States. The biggest question I have going into CORD is, what do health care and healing look like in this rural setting in the village of Sidhbari, and to what degree to people have access to clinics and other health services? This is probably too narrow-minded of a question to begin with, and I’ll certainly go in with an open mind to see what kinds of projects there are to take on. What I’m definitely looking forward to most is interacting with the villagers and getting a better feel for the land.

See you soon, India!

One thought on “Pre-India blog post

  1. You guys are arriving so early!
    I also struggled with phrasing a single “big question” for the summer. I feel as though there will be a lot more clarity upon arrival. Clarity and more specific questions, based on the conversation our group had with Aparna the other day.
    Best of luck to you all — and feel free to pass on tips if you can!

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About Kurt Koehler

Class of 2016, Majoring in Health and Societies with a concentration in Public Health. Intern at CASI CORD, summer 2015.