Here We Go Again

I actually found out about SalaUno when one of their co-founders commented on my CASI blog post about Aravind. A year later and here I am in Mexico!


It’s been over a year since I did my internship in Aravind and once again I find myself interning in another organization that is working to eliminate needless blindness—SalaUno. SalaUno is an eye clinic in Mexico City that follows the Aravind model for reaching out to those in need of eye care.

SalaUno is a for-profit organization that started operating in August 2011. SalaUno aims to eliminate needless blindness by providing low cost, high quality eye care in the most efficient way possible. While walking through the clinic, I was able to gather many similarities between SalaUno and Aravind. The patient flow in the SalaUno clinic is identical to that of the patient flow in the Aravind hospitals. Like Aravind, SalaUno’s processes emulate that of a factory’s assembly line to ensure a streamlined process for the patients. SalaUno’s many similarities to Aravind certainly brought back many memories of last summer…

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About gabyborja

Class of 2016. Majoring in Bioengineering. Interned at Aravind Eye Hospitals in Summer 2013. Interned at salaUno in Summer 2014.