The Importance of a Home

200 Wanderlust Days

Being situated in Kumaon, Uttarakhand with a wonderful homestay family is the most joyous and comforting feeling in the world. I have been lucky to have experienced two cultures with two great host families, both here in Kumaon and in St-Laurent-du-Var, France two years ago. There’s something so gratifying to knowing that you have a home – having someone take care of you, eating home-cooked food (infused with the special ingredient called love), living in a clean room. How satisfying it is to know that, at the end of a long day, you have the comfort of a familiar space and a standard routine, especially in a foreign country. Waking up every morning at 7:30am to our host mom, Kunti-ji, bringing in three tea cups of chai; familiarizing myself with the hilly path back home and to the Chirag hospital; watching Kunti-ji cook various dishes like jackfruit, dal, and chapati…

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About Eileen Wang

Hi everyone, my name is Eileen and I am a recent graduate from the University of Pennsylvania (C'16) where I majored in Health and Societies (global health), and minored in Anthropology. There, I traveled extensively, delving into the world of global health. The summer of 2014, I interned at Chirag (Central Himalayan Rural Action Group) in Simayal Village, Uttarakhand, India, where I worked on a maternal-child health project examining neonatal care practices in the area. The fall of 2014, I studied abroad on International Honors Program: Health and Community and traveled to Delhi, India; Cape Town, South Africa; and Sao Paulo, Brazil. I chronicled those experiences in my blog Check it out if you wish to learn more! The summer of 2015, I conducted independent thesis research in Shanghai, China, on the high rates of C-sections and, in particular, those on maternal request. From 2016-17 I am continuing those lines of research as part of a Fulbright Fellowship to China, in Harbin and then Hangzhou.