Oh my god we’re 2/3rds done.

So one of the conscious decisions I made this summer was to skip getting Internet in the room we’ve rented. We do have it in the office. Now I’m usually always, always connected. On my phone, on my laptop, on the train, while I’m running… I’m never away from the “ding” that’s a new Facebook message or the constant email popups. So even the few hours a day without internet is a novel concept – and I love it so much!

I’m considering not using internet after a certain time in a day at Penn, too. And also, considering deleting my Facebook. And instead of that, I’ll do what I do here – yoga, drawing and painting, reading books (real books!), hiking, watching the World Cup (An aside: Pune has a weirdly large German population, because of the presence of automotive and construction companies like here. The only international flights out of Pune go to Dubai, where I’m from, and Frankfurt, where apparently everybody else in the neighbourhood is from, judging by the sheer volume of cheering when Germany’s got a match on.), sitting at cafés and really, physically talking, interacting and socialising with all the wonderful people we meet here. It’s invigorating really and I feel so very energized with this disconnection.

Oh and I climbed this thing

Hanuman shrine at the top

View from the top








And it’s nice to keep work at work, especially when work is engaging enough that you need to stop at the end of the day. Right now, we’re doing a sort of quick interview/strategy consulting for some of DICCI’s member companies. Sarah’s post has pictures (I’m seriously going to regret not taking pictures…). We spend half our time in the office writing up reports for these companies, which includes tons of research – how do manufacturing companies grow? What’s a good way to transition from a sole proprietorship to a limited company?  Some are very India or SME specific. How do you make sure workers don’t just slack off when the boss is not physically present? Can an owner provide accommodation to worker’s families feasibly? After research, we perform SWOT and other analyses, and make our final recommendations. In the end, we hope to compile our recommendations into a sort of handbook or case study guide that can benefit DICCI members even after we’ve gone.

The other half of our time is spent helping in the launch of a B2B portal for DICCI that one of the advisors, Ira, is creating. It is beyond exciting to be so involved in a start-up at such an early stage, and again, I’m learning a lot (but I won’t say more here… trade secrets! 😉

2 thoughts on “Oh my god we’re 2/3rds done.

  1. Helloo!
    So I’m reading/have read/started
    – The Bastard of Istanbul
    – One hundred years of solitude
    – The Ascent of Money (but I had to stop, brought back too many FNCE memories!)
    – The Cuckoo’s calling
    – Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

    Lately I’ve descended into watching my guilty pleasure Bollywood movies though, hahaha 😉

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