Day 40: Health Camp — Rural Edition

200 Wanderlust Days

So this is why people here don’t like to seek health care at an institution, I thought to myself, my head experiencing extreme whiplash as the Chirag jeep bounced continuously across a rocky, one-car path curving across the hillside. It got worse as we tried to cross a patch of road that was laid with jagged rocks, as if someone tried to “pave” the dirt with the materials they had on the mountain. The 12 kilometer drive took at least an hour and a half, and by the end, I am pretty sure I could have walked faster than the car was driving. Eventually we stopped when the path was only wide enough for people to walk through. Dr. Daya, Durga-ji (the nurse midwife), Kunti-ji (the Chirag health worker and my host mother), the pharmacist, the dentist, Marie (the German nurse-student), Balthazar (the French observer), the driver, the translator, Caro…

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About Eileen Wang

Hi everyone, my name is Eileen and I am a recent graduate from the University of Pennsylvania (C'16) where I majored in Health and Societies (global health), and minored in Anthropology. There, I traveled extensively, delving into the world of global health. The summer of 2014, I interned at Chirag (Central Himalayan Rural Action Group) in Simayal Village, Uttarakhand, India, where I worked on a maternal-child health project examining neonatal care practices in the area. The fall of 2014, I studied abroad on International Honors Program: Health and Community and traveled to Delhi, India; Cape Town, South Africa; and Sao Paulo, Brazil. I chronicled those experiences in my blog Check it out if you wish to learn more! The summer of 2015, I conducted independent thesis research in Shanghai, China, on the high rates of C-sections and, in particular, those on maternal request. From 2016-17 I am continuing those lines of research as part of a Fulbright Fellowship to China, in Harbin and then Hangzhou.