Wait… what???

Apparently I am flying to India this evening.

Wait… What?!?!!? Since when? The semester just ended! I finally had a night of real sleep without an exam looming since January! This can’t be. Did I even apply for this?

Apparently I did. And apparently it is happening TODAY.

It would be an understatement to say that I have no idea what I am getting into. My head has been so completely immersed in the 2nd year of Veterinary School here at the University of Pennsylvania, and all things medicine related, that I can’t comprehend being anywhere else or doing anything else besides studying. And making flashcards. And listening to anesthesia lectures over and over and over. After a semester of 14 different classes and 63 credits, 22 exams, 27 “mini exams,” and a seemingly insurmountable amount of class time and material to digest, I feel a little bit of vet school PTSD.

I have had some great travel adventures before, but none for quite as long as this upcoming adventure at SPS in Madhya Pradesh, and none that have this same degree of immersion. To be in a completely new place, surrounded by completely new people, speaking a totally different language, with one other American partner in crime (Miss Dani Castillo), and a project to tackle will be a different type of adventure for sure. I feel extremely lucky to be able to have such a unique adventure ahead of me, and I can’t believe it starts TODAY!

So a farewell blog post to my friends and family here in Philadelphia, Vermont, and across the US, my sweet puppies and devil kitty, my handsome man-friend and our comfortable little West Philadelphia apartment, and farewell to 2nd year veterinary school. And hello to a big new adventure!

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