We saw an elephant!!!

So one of the most exciting things happened today. As Jane, Abhi, and I walked out of the Aravind inpatient ward, we saw a giant elephant casually strolling down the road with a little kid riding on its back. In the past few days, I felt like i had already gotten used to the busy bustling streets of Madurai with autos, trucks, and cars constantly arguing with each other through the universal language of honking, dogs wandering back and forth saving their barking for the early mornings, and cows casually chilling without a care in the world. So imagine my surprise when I saw a giant elephant looming over cars, trucks, buses, and people. With every confident stride of the majestic animal, autos and cars would zoom by barely missing it. It felt like a scene straight out of a movie. I actually thought these types of scenes were made up by hollywood, never actually occurring in real life. Before coming to India I had only hoped of seeing an elephant in a temple or zoo. I was completely blown away. However, in only a few seconds, the elephant had disappeared behind the distant traffic that we were so used to. As a result, every time I walk out into that street now, it feels empty without the elephant walking down the streets. This will forever make me sad. 



2 thoughts on “We saw an elephant!!!

  1. This is SO India. No change since I lived there for 2 years 48 years ago, and little change since the early 20th century. Everyone in this program should read “Maharajas, monkeys and mangoes” for further insight into this. The experience of living, just being there leaves you indelibly altered. Norris Childs, RPCV India 42.

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About Zach Chen

I am currently a sophomore in the Vagelos LSM program at the University of Pennsylvania studying Biology, Finance, and Statistics. This summer I will be interning at Aravind Eye Care Systems in Madurai, Tamil Nadu India and can't begin to express how excited I am!